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Website Development is Not an Idiot’s Job

Sunday, August 26th, 2018

Website development or web development is considered as an idiot’s job in many parts of the world. There are supportive arguments in favor of this view and those are:

  • Web developers work in a cubical they don’t have good working conditions.
  • Web development field is flooded with newer technology each day so your experience is worthless.
  • Website development is not much prestige earning profession.
  • Website developers have not much chance to earn decent money.

When we see these arguments in depth we will find it that they do not stand at all. First of all web developers work in inferior working condition, which is not true. There are many places where they have good computers and separate offices according to their title. Working in cubical has its own benefits good thing is that you can form a team during working very easily in cubical than in separate offices.

Second, if you are expert in C language for Microsoft technology that is considered out of date in front of C# of today’s technology. Just think over that C# is based on C itself so the person who wishes to learn C# and knows C very well will learn C# within a short span of time because rules for syntax are same like there are same variables, integers and same for loops as found in C. Thus, no experience is worthless here.

Third, prestige for website developers is might be an issue in northeast Asian countries but not is USA or Canada or Australia or UK. There is good reputation for a web programmer.

Fourth, earning money is not restricted up to getting salary. Web developer can work as a consultant on internet for a remote project and earn decent money too. Good programmer instead of working full time at one place can adopt a career as a consultant and earn good money.

Finally, Today’s web development is not a one-man show rather it is teamwork. You may be familiar with Web 2.0. Programmer for Web 2.0 should have mastery on various technologies like Ajax and RIA. Web 2.0 extends beyond the desktop it might have reached at your mobile, your home appliances and many instrument used in day-to-day life. These all are demanding strong fundamental knowledge of programming as well as management knowledge in the form of project management.

Website development when done at large scale demands involvement of business, as a whole means programmers are to understand the business, its needs and its problems. Suppose you are going to design an e-commerce mall/supermarket then you need to understand all products, its transactions its selling and shipping etc. Programmer has to think over at businessperson’s point of views; these all demands good educational background as well as guts to understand the market itself.

When you visit a good Website Development Company you may realize that website development today involves experts other than coders. Fine art artists dominate drawing and designing aspects. Animation is a field of animators or multimedia persons. Image and videos are mastery of photography professionals. Now you may have convinced yourself that website design is not an idiot’s job!

Benefits Of Dedicated Hired PHP Developer

Saturday, August 25th, 2018

Web development services are in the peak season of late, especially as most of the entrepreneurs and investors have focused their attention on online commerce rather than opening up physical counterparts first. This has more to do with the discounted rates as well as the after-effects of the economic recession all over the globe.

However, hiring PHP programmers can be a taxing for the start-up firms as well as amateur online enterprises that cannot spare the amount of, money or large-scale budgets that professional web development packages demand. And this is exactly where hiring PHP developers on a dedicated basis comes to the fore, and wins the case!

How? Come. Let’s find out in detail!

There are umpteen advantages for hiring PHP developers on a Dedicated schedule, including some of the primary ones listed below:

• Affordability: The issue of money often restricts an all-out endeavor in developing the online business portal for most start-ups. Dedicated Hired PHP programmers can solve this issue in a jiffy. With the pay packets for such programmers going well under 25% of industry costs, without compromising quality or expertise – this has to be the best crack you’ve got for professional web development services.

• Saving Up on Time: You can easily save up on time with the dedicated developer working under your direct supervision, hence cutting out on the communication and management red tape. In fact, some also hire PHP programmers under such a schedule and incorporate them as one of their team, albeit on the payroll of the company they have hired him from.

• Manage Your Project Progress: You can actually manage what progress you make with your PHP requirements, and also decide on the work schedule and small-term objectives for the same. This can come in handy because usually in packages, time and value for money take a backseat as the project rolls on.

• Handpick & Hire Select PHP Developers: PHP engineers do not always come rapped in gold. Hence, even if you hire the most expensive packages, chances are that junior programmers may be working on your project, even when expertise was the first priority on the list. Cancel out such issues with dedicated resources, and handpick your programmers.

• Enhanced ROI: with all the improved expertise, lower budgets, increased quality and saved time, ecstatic jumps in ROI is inevitability. However, the key here is to hire professional web development services from only firms that you trust and the ones which have had an impressive track record in the concerned domains.

So if you were contemplating hiring a PHP developer or web development services from such a firm, try looking for their ‘Dedicated Hiring’ options before you zero in on their packages. For as far as experience and intuition go, such professional web development options often score far better than their ‘packaged’ counterparts!

And if you are a web developer, with a keen knack in web development services yourself, you would certainly know better!

How to Choose the Correct PHP Development Company for Your Web Projects

Friday, August 24th, 2018

PHP is the most popular server side scripting language used for developing quick and functional web applications. Today there are so many companies offering PHP web development services that choosing the correct PHP development company has become a tough job. There are many qualities that should be present in a PHP development company but finding out whether they have it or not is not so easy.

Here are some of the tips that can help you chose the correct PHP development company for your web projects.

Portfolio: Check the portfolio of the company. See the types of projects that they have done in the past. Make sure that they have done projects on technologies required for your project. It is also good if you find projects in the portfolio that are similar to your project.

Past Clients: Try to contact the past clients of the company and take their opinion on the company. They are the best source for gathering information about the PHP development company that you will not find anywhere else. Ask about their experience with the company, the quality of solutions they received, the involvement of project managers and the punctuality of the company. Talking with 2 or 3 clients will give a fair idea of the company including all the pros and cons.

The Development methodology: Normally all the companies follow a project development cycle for developing solution for their clients. Ask about the different project development methodologies followed by the company and compare them with those followed popularly. Get some information about different methodologies and processes and then try to evaluate the project development life cycle followed by the PHP development company.

Questionnaires: Most of the offshore PHP development companies send a questionnaire to their clients for gathering their requirements. Fill out the questionnaire and ask as many questions as you have. This will help you in better understanding the service provider and give you an overview of their quality, business goals, credibility and professionalism.

Company information: Get the company information such as

1) How long has the company existed?
2) How many employees does it have?
3) The number of projects completed by the company till date?
4) How many clients has the company served?
5) Does it have any certifications? If yes, what are they?

There are many more questions that you must ask about the company depending upon your requirements. Make yourself fully content before offering the project to them.

Elance Profile: Elance is the hotspot for picking and posting projects. Look for the company’s profile on Elance and thoroughly go through it. Elance is a third party and records all the past achievements and project details of the service providers. The Elance profile will tell you the true story regardless of what the company says or the clients say.

A right development partner can help you achieve the desired solutions whereas the wrong partner will cause huge monetary and time loss to you. Choosing the right PHP development company is highly essential today as there are a lot of service providers who will say and do anything just to get the projects and then deliver highly unproductive solutions.