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SEO Web Design Explodes Sales and Brand Recognition, Transforms Companies

August 11th, 2018

SEO web design has come of age. It is a proven, powerful and cost-effective tool to take a company to the next level. Although there tend to be many ways for a person to design your own web site, having your website developed by an expert will provide you with plenty of advantages. It is rare indeed for a web professional to have expertise in all of the following areas, (but some do, really):

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)- brings in free, targeted traffic to your website – extremely critical to online success
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising – at a minimum should be used to test the keywords that convert the best. using both SEO and PPC limits a websites risk of no traffic.
  • Web design – an aesthetic website design provides the first impression to your potential new customers
  • Web development – allowing advanced website features like fast page load times and custom database applications
  • Direct marketing, content creation – successful sales lead generation depends on what the visitor sees when they hit the site

Doing all of this right can literally double or triple your relevant traffic in short time. You can live with doubling your sales can’t you?

Any kind of web designer worth their salt knows the significance associated with SEO web design and will incorporate this idea in to your own website to enhance the effectiveness of your website. The concept behind SEO website design is that the higher your web site appears on the search engine list, the greater the probabilities are that you may get relevant visitors to your own website. Quite simply, the more SEO web development concepts coded into your website, the higher your website will appear on the search engines results and the greater the possibility of increasing sales or sales leads.

Your web site plays a really important role within the development and profitability of your business. Presently there is no point in having invested time as well as money on designing a web site if absolutely no traffic ever enters your website. That is where having your own SEO web design created by experts will have your website sky rocketing to the top of the search engine results pages (SERP) very rapidly and with very little effort. The more traffic you attract to your own website, the more sales you make and the more bank in your pocket. The investment in getting an expert to perform your SEO web development pays for itself easily many times over.

Having to pay a professional to design a website is actually a lot like renting office space in a busy shopping center where foot traffic provides the actual bulk of your earnings. A website with a strong SEO web design base offers the foot traffic which strolls right past your door and the website design and powerful message is the colorful window display which attracts people in to the store.

By having a website designed professionally, you create the market for your products without actually renting a brick and mortar store. SEO web design will place your website right in front of your target, ideal prospects, ensuring that they immediately see your strong message and convert into buying customers. Consumers are always looking for new items to make their life easier or even just spend their hard-earned money on. By getting a professional to design your website and search engine optimize it, you are providing buyers the right item when they are ready to purchase that item – not a simple task.

When coupled with well planned website promotion, SEO web design will also elevate the company brand. When your customers are looking to solve a problem and they find an article by and about your company’s solution to the problem they’ll logically call you to help them solve other problems.

The best opportunity for success on the web is to build highly SEO optimized WordPress websites that set your site up to be a content distribution engine which sends your content to those meeting your ideal customer profiles. Destinations include social media sites and RSS hubs where people are there to subscribe to your content. This content distribution elevates your brand and makes your company top-of-mind when potential customers are seeking your products or services.

Getting your web site designed and built by an expert can quickly transform your company into a profit-making success with the most recent search engine optimization methods. SEO web design is a proven method to obtain increased sales and website conversions. Do it today.

Some Interesting Facts About Mobile Web Application Development Services

August 10th, 2018

Gone are the days, when mobile was just a mere appliance to make calls. Today, the usability of mobile phone has stretched its wings much farther than just sending and receiving calls and texts. From listening to music to watching movies, creating presentations, drafting email, mobile phones can perform every activity based on the principle of communication. And what actually made all this feasible is the availability of Internet on cell phones. It is quite interesting to note that a survey give birth to the surprising prediction that by the year 2013, world would have over 1.7 billion mobile Internet users.

The growing usability of internet on Mobile Phones:

Naturally, the ever-emerging growth of mobile phones abilities, did not take long to ring a bell in most website owners mind to start taking the initiative of developing their websites as per the features of mobile devices. This would keep them safe from losing potential customers, searching for them via mobile phones. And this is the reason why, every contemporary web development services provider takes pride in delivering quality mobile web application development services and find sit indispensable to have it within their service spectrum.

Differences in development services for mobile phones and desktops:

Although not many, but there a few different specifications of web development services for mobile and laptop or desktop. First of all, there is a big aspect of difference in screen size.  Secondly, the optimization of the websites is required to be carried out within certain limitations and capabilities of mobile devices. The restrictions and capabilities primarily arise in the form of device input/output options, presence of rooted sensors; users’ oriented factors, and many more. In addition to these, the most important aspect that needs prime attention from the mobile web development services providers is the user-friendliness of the design. Since mobiles will always have small screens, the aspect of user-friendly design will top the charts for developers.

The changing Mobile Technology:

For web developers, the task of keeping in touch with the advancements made in the field of mobile web application development services is of utmost importance. Since the technology is still in its initial stage, it is rapidly evolving and hence, taking notes of all its new changes is mandatory. Do not over-stuff the website with heavy navigation tools and ensure to make available all the topics on a page in vertical range.

Too many images for your website’s mobile version, is not a very good idea. Since the internet speed greatly varies as per the plans given by various mobile operators, images take extensively long to get downloaded and space. Moreover, they also acquire a lot of space, which leaves no scope for deciphering information through content. Also, few plans provide very low speed connections, where images take ages to show up. This not only messes up with the user-experience but also repel customers due to its slothfulness and less clarity.

Reasons Why Web Designers Should Use Facebook Applications

August 9th, 2018

Small businesses everywhere are hooked on the benefits of Facebook. Facebook is a platform where you can network, promote and market your products or services. It is also a great place to connect with potential customers, new customers and existing customers.

All these features on Facebook are available when you register for an account. However, Facebook also offers many different applications that can be very beneficial. Learn Web Development offers a course on how to implement social media in your web design or web development company and how to make a strategy for prosperity with them.

Here are seven reasons why you should be on Facebook and what applications can do for your web design company:

1. Traffic Controller: Facebook is a great place for people to visit your website, blog or portfolio. You can share messages, updates and all the links in your profile.

2. Brand Identity: When using Facebook and keep it current, it is a great way to gain visibility. With this comes a greater likelihood of exposure, potential customers and a beneficial way to network with the masses.

3. Commitment: All social media platforms are used for some type of communication. Facebook in particular is ideal to engage new customers, old and future. You can have conversations with them, know them, and find ways that their services will benefit.

4. Reputation: Facebook allows you to not only keep up with his reputation, but also to refute the negative comments and keep a positive focus for your business. Also, the more he liked on Facebook, the more likely to be seen and appear in the higher ranks of search engines.

5. Relations: Similar to working with all types of clients, Facebook will give you the opportunity to build connections and develop sincere relationships with past clients, present and future. Build a relationship with these people may end up more shows in the future, either with them or recommendation.

6. Applications votes: Facebook offers several applications that create a feedback channel for your business. They even go a step further by allowing you to see trends and consumer behavior so you can find a way to adapt your business to those needs.

7. Social Media is expected: the number one reason you should have a Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn account, it is because customers, clients and what they expect you to be there. Especially being a web designer or web developer, it’s your job to keep up with all the innovations in the world of the web, so not having an account of social media can do harm.

As you can see, it is very important for all web designers and web developers to have a presence in social media for your business and your reputation as a designer or programmer. If you need help in developing a strategy, learning Web Development offers a course in media for web designers that would be perfect for you.