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What You Should Be Looking For When Hiring A Web Designer

August 8th, 2018

Has this happened to you?

A business friend or colleague refers you to someone who has just designed their new or revised web site. You’re told what a wonderful job the designer did and how pleased everyone is with how the site looks. Knowing what you do about the referring party, you call the design studio and shortly thereafter award your project.

Way too often this is a big mistake. Only last week did I hear again how the decision to go with a referral was going to result in terrible consequences. The site, which is to sell specialty dog products would be months late and may not be ready for the prime selling season of the Holidays. Inventory had already been purchased causing the delayed launched to burn a whole in the site owner’s pocket.


If there is a truism about web design and production, it is that, like all businesses, all web sites are not the same. Web development, design and production is multidisciplinary. Some agencies are great at marketing but fall short on creating usable interfaces. Some designer studios render wonderful interfaces but lack the expertise in developing server-side programming requirements. Be careful when you hear the words “Web Designer” as that means different things to different people.

Many web sites require extensive back end integration with back office operations compared with others which are simple brochureware web sites. All designers and developers do not have the same skills and experiences and you may unwittingly choose one who is not capable of delivering your site on time and on budget.

Web sites that will miss their launch dates, like the one i referred to above, means lost economic opportunities for the site owner.


1. Note that design studios have core competencies and outsource the skills needed beyond their knowledge base. That can have a down side as free lancers may not be available to the studio and their commitment to the project may not be as keen as the studio itself.

2. You can not tell what a studio did for a web project just by looking at that web site.

Most studios showcase their work but frequently do not make it clear as to exactly what they did. When reviewing portfolios make sure you know exactly what the studio itself did and what work was subbed out or done by others.

3. Ask what Content Management System (CMS) will be used for your site. Will it be an open source solution (like WordPress or Drupal, for example) or something that will be customized or made proprietary for your use. What kind of CMS training will be provided so you will know how to manage and develop the site after it is launched?

4. Ask about the design optimization testing that will be used for your project. What browsers, screen resolutions and viewport size testing will be done to ensure design integrity? What legacy browsers will be tested? What about handheld devices and the possible need for a mobile site?

Find out if your designer follows the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards which has become the main stream approach to web design and helps bullet proof your site against future technologies.

5. Definitely take references and check them out in your vetting process. Ideally, speak with a business owner who’s project is similar to yours. That’s an ideal way to find out how the studio did the work and what bottlenecks occurred so you can be prepared if you choose that studio.


Before you ever approach anyone to work on your project develop the requirements for your site on paper much as you would a business plan. Organize all the requirements of your site into a Request For Proposal (RFP) document. The better you can articulate what the deliverables are the more likely it is you’ll be successful in finding the right studio,

Use your RFP to set up a competitive bidding process between a small number of studios you have pre-selected. Yes, you can use the referral your friend gave you but have them submit their bid, along with others, so you can have proposals to compare. The RFP carries all the advantages for you including getting studios that may otherwise pass on quoting your project interested in what you are doing.

Conduct your search just like you would a design contest. Make sure no one has an unfair advantage over another studio. And NEVER disclose what your budget is or what you are willing to pay. That puts the single biggest hurt into a process which should end up with a lot of satisfied people if conducted fairly.

Web Application Development

August 7th, 2018

Elements of Web Development:
Web development is one of the most significant processes in search engine optimization. A company needs to continuously grow its website so that the search engine spiders can sway more in its favor. Apart from the technical skills, a web developer also needs to have sufficient knowledge of the market, along with great writing and marketing skills. The process of web development continues even if your website has been designed and uploaded over the internet.

When it comes to web development, its three basic elements include content, traffic generation and of course SEO.

Importance of SEO in web development: When you get a website developed for your company, it is necessary to make sure that the site has become strongly equipped with all the tools needed to compete in the top search engine pages of the major search engines. If you have just uploaded a site and left it there, you will not receive a higher search engine ranking, unless you incorporate all the SEO techniques into your website. These SEO techniques include proper usage of keywords, link building, updated content and impressive domain names and titles.

Content of the website: When we talk about web content, it needs to be as much informative as possible and needs to be updated regularly. The content of the website should be at par with the latest SEO techniques, finding new ways for attracting web traffic. You also need to take care of the links to other websites, web traffic through PPC plans and interested articles that link back to your website. Content from other service providers can be used either by hiring someone to create the content for your site or by using the articles written by other people. In that case, you will need to give references also.

As far as updating of the web content is concerned, blogs are the leading elements. This is because these contain regular replies to their posts, thus giving way to fresh content.

Traffic Generation: This can be efficiently outsourced by having the site promoted by others, who have large bodies of regular visitors to their sites. This can be in the form of writing articles or posting advertisements on other sites. If you want to develop a website that receives high web traffic, you may take help of techniques such as link building, social bookmarking, affiliate marketing and article submission.

As filing corporate tax return and getting business license is an important step towards starting up a business, web development is an impeccable step towards starting an online business. Web development is not the job of a single individual, but a lot of skills and strategies are used in the process and therefore, hiring experts who are excelling in their own niche can be of great help.

The Many Advantages of Web Design Outsourcing

August 6th, 2018

Outsourcing has captured the globe market rapidly, this includes Web Design outsourcing. This is very common nowadays especially to those Marketers who have an online business and looking out for web development services. They opt for web design outsourcing in order to have their business very much effective to their target market. They would choose or outsource an expert web designer that is reliable and can give them a more effective web design that is also appropriate for their business.

Outsourcing does not mean that you will leave your business site completely to the outsource person or company to give more time handling your business but you will also have to make sure and get truly involve that the people you hire will do everything to achieve your best standard and satisfaction to your site.

These outsourcing companies that offer this kind of service are a valuable source of information to have your site professionally done. Web development outsourcing is popular, where companies outsource their web design projects to foreign countries such as developing countries at very low rates. Everyone, from small to large business organization is outsourcing their web development to a website company. Mainly, the reason behind why they outsource web designing is to get a high quality services, reduce cost and save a lot of money. It could also save a lot of time and has good infrastructure.

However, it is very important as well when outsourcing web development to know the history of the company or designer who offers these services if they are fully capable in web designs projects. And know their expertise, skills and experience. There is a lot to consider when outsourcing your people, finding the right company/person that will give you a high end services and will give you the best results and satisfaction.

Web development outsourcing services provide wide range of web services. It is always being beneficial to outsource for getting much lower rates and the best output.

Web Development Outsourcing is definitely effective for you and your business.